Campervan Rental - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I travel inter-state?

Yes, vehicles can travel to other states within Australia; however, the vehicle must be returned to the Byron Bay Campers depot in Ballina.

What is the additional kilometre charge?

Rental rates quoted include 200 kilometres free per day. Additional kilometres are charged at AUD$0.275 per klm.

Can a Child/Baby seat be used in this vehicle?

No, it is not possible to use a Child/Baby seat in this vehicle.

Do I need to refuel the vehicle before returning it?

Yes, you should fill-up the petrol tank before returning the vehicle. A refueling charge of AUD$2.50 per litre applies to vehicles returned with a fuel tank only partially full.

Do I need to re-fill the gas cylinder before returning the vehicle?

You are not required to refill the vehicle’s gas bottle before return.

What do I do in the event of breakdown?

The vehicle is covered by 24 hr roadside assistance. In the event of a minor problem, the vehicle will be repaired while you wait. In the case of a major problem, alternative transport and/or accommodation will be provided for you while the vehicle is repaired.

Can I travel at night?

Traveling through country areas at night is not recommended - due to the large numbers of large native animals that graze on the roadside after dark.

Where can I camp?

Australia has large numbers of campgrounds offering powered and un-powered campsites at very reasonable rates. Booking ahead is usually required during school holidays and long weekends.

What can I see and do?

Most towns and cities have a “Tourist Information Centre”. These centres are a valuable source of information about what to do and see in the local area. Campgrounds usually provide tourist information literature.

How does the vehicle battery system work?

Byron Bay Campers vehicles are equipped with a dual battery system. This means that the battery used to start the vehicle is different from the (appliance) battery that powers the fridge and interior lights. The appliance battery system will last approximately 12 hours when fully charged. The batteries only recharge when you drive the vehicle. Since the engine battery is separate, if you flatten the appliance battery, you will still be able to start the engine and drive.

All vehicles have the facility to plug into mains  electricity. When you plug into electricity in a caravan park all accessories automatically run off 240V electricity rather than the batteries. You can then use appliances such as hair-dryers, etc, that only run off mains electricity.

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